Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fitness Model Posts Unflattering Pictures of Herself on the Internet, Attempts to Dispel Unrealistic Body Image

Lauren Fleishman deserves a round of applause for doing this.
It’s no cover of Glamour Magazine, but when my pics from the NY Fashion Week Oiselle Runway show were posted, a lot of people commented that it was pretty crazy to have my body change that much in three months. And yeah, it was a little crazy but in real life, people don’t walk around spray tanned and flexed. Out of the thousands of photos taken at the runway show after all that tanning and primping and posture-holding, one or two of them looked good. A lot of them looked pretty gnarly. Weird facial expressions, lumpy bits, zombie walks…but nobody would ever know… (X)
Polished runway look
She cites Lady Gaga's comments about her recent Glamour cover photo as inspiration, and goes on to add that you should never take pictures that you see on the internet seriously.  Kudos to you Lauren Fleishman.  Read her fitness blog here.